• Gardening Articles

  • Gardening articles for your information.
  •  Choosing and Growing Roses
    An article about choosing and growing roses in your garden.
  •  Decorative Vegetable Garden
    How to Create a Decorative Vegetable Garden.
  •  Gardening Video News
    A widget full of garden and backyard living and helpful information for making your backyard and great place to live.
  •  How About Ornamental Grass
    A disscussion of different types of ornamental grasses and their uses in the garden landscape.
  •  Butterfly Plantings
    Types of plants and other things you can do to attract butterflies to your garden.
  •  Christmas In Your Garden
    Decorate your garden for the holidays with outdoor Christmas decor. Create a holiday feeling in your garden.
  •  Dress Your Garden For Fall
    Dress your garden for fall with colorful plants, fall garden decor. Ideas to brighten your falll garden.
  •  How To Create An Easy Water Feature
    water garden, water feature,water plants
  •  How To Grow Reblooming Iris
    Helpful information and tips on growing reblooming iris.
  •  Hummingbird Plantings
    An articles about attracting hummingbirds to your garden.
  •  Making Gourds Into Birdhouses
    How to turn a birdhouse gourd into a real birdhouse. Step by step instructions for curing and decorating gourds.
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  • Garden Accents
    Statues, Birdbaths, Trellises and other great accents for your garden.

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  • Gardening & Plants
    A Garden Plant Store for all your landscaping needs. Shop for new, unusual and discount garden plants.
  •  Plants, Seeds, Bulbs
    Shop for Garden plants, garden seeds and garden bulbs. Flower plants, cactus, water plants, ornamental grasses, and many more for sale.
  •   Cactus & Succulents
    A source of Cactus and Succulents for your garden. Shop for Cactus Plants, Flowering Cactus Plants, Succulents, Cactus Seeds, Rare Cactus Plants and many more at discount prices.
  •   Fall Planted Bulbs
    Shop for Fall Planted Bulbs to plant now and enjoy beautiful spring flowers.
  •   Flower Plants, Seedlings
    Shop for Flower plants and Seedlings. Choose from Perennial Flowers, Daylilies, Hibiscus, Annual Flowers, Flower Plants for your Garden and much more at discount prices.
  •   Flower Seeds
    Flower seeds of many kinds for sale. Shop for annual flower seeds, perennial flower seeds, many exotic and colorful flower seeds, and many other unusual flower seeds.
  •   Groundcovers, Vines
    Selection of common and unusual groundcovers and vines plants and seeds. Shop for Flowering Vines and Groundcovers, Unusual Vines and Groundcovers, and common groundcovers and vining plants.
  •   Ornamental Grasses
    Large selection of Ornamental Grasses and Ornamental Grass Seeds for sale. Shop for many varieties and colors of ornamental grasses at discount prices.
  •   Roses
    Large selection of beautiful Rose Plants. Shop for Rose Plants, Climbing Roses, New Rose Plants and many colors of Rose Plants.
  •   Vegetables & Fruits
    Vegetables & Fruits for sale. Shop for Vegetables & Fruits seeds and plants for your edible garden.
  •   Water Garden Plants
    Aquatic or water garden plants for sale. Info on how to set up a water feature and many water garden flowering plants and water grasses to shop for.
  •  Planters, Pots, Window Boxes
    Planters, Pots, Window Boxes for sale. Shop for Planters, Pots, and Window Boxes for your garden.
  •  Garden Decor
    Shop for Garden Art and Garden Statues. Many items of garden decor for your home and garden.
  •   Fountains & Ponds
    A Great selection of garden fountains and garden pond supplies. Set up great water gardens in your garden design.
  •  Garden Structures & Fencing
    Garden Structures, Garden Trellises, Greenhouses and Garden Fencing for sale. Buy Discount Garden Structures and Fencing.
  •  Garden Tools and Equipment
    Garden Tools, Garden Gear & Garden Equipment for sale. Shop for your favorite garden tools and gear at discount prices.
  •  Bird & Wildlife Accessories
    Bird & Wildlife Accessories for sale. Shop for birdhouses, birdfeeders and wildlife accessories for your yard and garden.
  •   Gourd Birdhouses
    Shop for unique gourd birdhouses for your yard or garden. Birdhouse gourds make excellent nesting places for birds.




Featured Items

  • Stepping stones are great additions to your garden decor. Define areas with paths or just place your favorites as a focal point. No garden is complete without a beautiful bird bath. Birdbaths come in just about any design to match your garden style.